Printing Film Positives with FilmMaker

Printing Screen Printing Film Positives with FilmMaker


Follow the easy steps outlined in this video tutorial to achieve a perfect screen printing film positive with CadLink's FilmMaker RIP software.

In this video Andy, from Lawson Screen & Digital Products, demonstrates how to print a screen printing film positive using CadLink's FilmMaker RIP software with CorelDraw.

FilmMaker provides the ability to separate files directly in the RIP. No need to purchase, learn and use secondary applications. RIP software for creating screen print films offers precision screening, the fastest processing times, unmatched density and ease of use.

This RIP is good to use with inkjet printers, such as the Epson P800 and Epson T3270 large format film positive printer. When using for making screen printing film positives, if you have the Epson P-800 you need the DTP Plus edition. This is a comparable to AccuRIP Black Pearl. If you are using the Epson T-3270, the XL Plus is the correct version.

Be sure to have the Epson print driver installed and have the CADLink created driver selected for the printer location. Quick and easy printer, ink, media setup. The printer and queue wizard will get you up and running in minutes without the need for any documentation. Further printing adjustments and customization can be completed afterwards using FilmMakers advanced settings.

To purchase the software visit FilmMaker e-Store Page.

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