Coat Screens Quickly and Consistently with Ulano EZ-Film


George Legh-Page form the Ulano Corporation stopped by Lawson Screen & Digital Products in St. Louis. In this video he discusses the ease of application of Ulano's new EZ-Film. This direct emulsion film lives up to its name, with its ease application onto screens. The additional benefits of this direct emulsion film include not having to apply a liquid emulsion, and less risk of pin holes. Ulano EZ-Film is available from the lawson e-store.

Hi, I'm George Legh-Page from the Ulano Corporation. Im here at Lawson Screen and Digital Products in St. Louis. I'm here to show you the ease of application of the new Ulano EZ-film. Ulano as a manufacturer has taken a direct emulsion and coated it onto a plastic carrier sheet. So, the backing side is the plastic with the dark rich red side as the emulsion layer. When I talk about the EZ-Film you are getting an emulsion on the screen that is consistent, quick, even and priced very competitively now a days too. So, you'll see I lay down the film with the emulsion side up and I am putting it on a sheet of paper here. I am going to put a screen down on the film. What I am taking here is a spray bottle with water. You can see how its starting to draw up into the screen there. Wet it until it is entirely drawn up into the screen mesh. At that point I am going to take a squeegee; this happens to be a glass squeegee here. I'm going to pull through to clear out the excess water. Water is what softens this film emulsion to bring it up into the mesh and scraping the water off stops the developing action. So, in that short period there you will see I have actually emulsified the screen with a direct emulsion and no pin holes. Whether we do it or you do, it is always consistent. It's 50 microns, which is thick enough to accommodate an 86 mesh on up to about a 230. for your higher mesh counts we make an EZ-Film 30. Its available in 15 by 17 inch sheets, 17 by 24 inch sheets and the price of it is priced very competitive with direct emulsion. So that's the ease in application of it. So, you see how quick and clean and neat all this is, particularly if you are new in to screen printing, comparing it with direct emulsion, the cleanup, or the variables of coating a liquid emulsion to a screen. At this point I'm going to put this screen out of the light to dry. When it drys in about 15 ? 20 minutes, I can try and get the plastic to release. And there it is; when it is dry you will be able to peel the plastic off there. So that's the new Ulano EZ-Film available from Lawson.