Zippy Customer Page

Here are support Videos and Tech Sheets regarding the Zippy.

Note: the Zippy has been made over the years in 2 versions - primarily it is just the structural design that has changed over the years. Most components and all spray principles have remained the same.

So be aware of which unit you own, as not all photos and information will apply exactly to your particular sprayer.

To view any of these PDF documents, use password: Pretreatdtg132#
Zippy Floor Model Assembly
Zippy Tech Sheet - Speed Control Bracket
Zippy Spray Head - Tech Sheet 101
Zippy Wiring Diagram

Instruction Videos

To view videos, use password: goLawson145!

How to Clean the Electric Fluid Pump for Lawson Electric Sprayers

Steve demonstrates how to clean a pretreat electric fluid pump

Cleaning Your Pre-Treat Spray Head/Fluid Valve - All AIR Operated Sprayers

How to clean your spray head (fluid valve) - for air operated pre-treat sprayers.

Removing the Fluid Hose from the Spray Head

A quick "how to" remove the fluid hose from the spray head - used to test if the fluid pump is working or if the spray head needs to be replaced

Lawson Pre-Treat Instructions

How to use and operate your Pre-Treat sprayer - a basic overview

Pre-Treat Drawer Maintenance & Replacement

Basic Maintenance of your drawer slides; and how to change a pretreat drawer slide if it gets too sticky.

Pre-Treat Maintenance-Teflon Spray

Use a Teflon spray to keep pretreat fluid from building up on the interior of your unit. Make cleaning quicker and easier.

Pretreat Fluid Weighing

How to weigh your pretreat fluid to get the right amount deposited on your garment

Curing Pre-treat & DTG Ink w a Heat Press

Cure Pretreat solution with a heat press