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Green Blockout Pen for Fixing Pinholes


/ Vendor: Lawson Screen & Digital Products

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Repair Pinholes Easily With Green Blockout Pen for Fixing Pinholes

Ultra-Fast Drying

Blockout in convenient pen applicators replace masking tape as the quick fix for pinhole and general screen repair jobs in progress. Spotting pinholes and repairing minor screen breakdowns has never been easier. Blocked out pinholes stand up to repeated screen wiping. Always perform suitability and compatibility tests with the ink you are using before use in actual production.

Green — An ultra fast drying, water soluble (30 to 90 seconds) blockout. Recommended for on or off the press touch-up of direct stencil systems. Resists plastisol, UV and most solvent based inks. Reclaims with water.

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