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HD Cleaning Fluid

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Keep Your Machine Running Great With HD Cleaning Fluid

Use HD Cleaning Fluid before changing over to FastINK inks. Please refer to the product literature before use.

Inks: The inks are water-based pigment inkjet inks designed exclusively for direct-printing on a garment using the T-JET line of printers.

Curing: FastINK Textile inks require a simple 1-minute heat cure at 325°F (165°C) fabric dependent. Deposits of ink or fabrics with high polyester content may require longer cure time. When printing in high humidity, pre dry the garment first. Always do test washings. For best results, turn garment inside out and dry at low or delicate dryer setting.

Ink Use: For use on all fabrics including cotton, cotton/polyester, nylon, wool, silk and other blends. This ink will work with both light and dark garments and is the only ink designed to print on top of a white underbase.

Storage: Keep tightly capped in a cool, 50-100°F (19-38°C) area.

Washability: Wash garments inside out in cold water using a delicate setting on dryer.