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LED-5000 Screen Printing Exposure Unit


/ Vendor: Lawson Screen & Digital Products

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The LED-5000 simulates a Metal Halide exposure.This led exposure unit uses state-of-the-art technology, yet is still reasonably priced. Rapid exposure (5,000 watt equivalent light) is combined with energy-efficiency, ease-of-use and reliability.

The Lawson LED-5000 Exposure Unit has powerful LED Lamps are rich in UV output and are optically balanced to provide exceptionally rapid exposure, especially with SBQ 1-part emulsions, without undercutting and assuring excellent resolution. Consistent exposure is guaranteed by our electronic countdown timer. Accurate light output is always assured because our specially designed LED lamps are guaranteed to last 3 years without loss of light intensity (typical life is 10 years+).

The vacuum frame features a black rubber-flex blanket formulated to resist tearing and pinholes, yet is extremely flexible to conform to the smallest contour, giving firm vacuum contact. The black rubber absorbs light, resulting in a smooth, anti-glare background. A powerful, 1.25 horsepower vacuum motor provides instant vacuum draw-down and immediate film-to-screen contact. The hinged frame has a hydraulic gas lifter to facilitate raising and lowering.

Custom Features/Options Upon Request

The Lawson LED-5000 Exposure Unit features a color touch screen that is easy to use and includes up to 40 user-programmable exposure settings. Every exposure will be calibrated to your exact needs for every combination of screen printing emulsion, screen mesh, and coating techniques. We have even included capillary film! You can change screen printing exposure times "on the fly" with the "Custom" button for unique, or specialty exposures you have not already programmed. Control your vacuum delay times to maximize production, use the inspection light system to check for pinholes, and achieve a clean washout. Lawson's unique HMI color touch screen puts YOU in control of the screen exposure process. (*Currently available on all models except the small #2431)

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