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Pre-Wound Bobbins


/ Vendor: Lawson Screen & Digital Products

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Top Pre-Wound Embroidery Bobbins

These polyester white bobbins are a must have for commercial embroidery. Lawson offers high-grade, premium Tex 16 Poly Commercial L style white filament polyester (with sides) bobbin. These popular bobbins are suitable for all embroidery applications.

Each bobbin roll comes in 134 yards. There are 144 bobbins per box.

Choose to use a pre-wound bobbin. It's better than winding it yourself.

The main benefits to using a pre-wound bobbin are that they are easier for the embroiderer and create better stitches. A pre-wound bobbin can hold 30-50% more thread than an own-wound bobbin. This extra thread leads to fewer bobbin changes while sewing. Also, because the thread is wound on the bobbin at the factory there is more consistency with how much thread is on each bobbin. This will help you better anticipate when the thread will run out.

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