Computer-to-Screen (CTS) technology allows screen printers to produce the best screen for printing. Upgrading away from your old laser or inkjet printer to a CTS has numerous benefits. Whether you are a large screen printer with 10 automatics, or only print manually, here is a brief list of reasons why adding CTS just makes sense.

1. Labor Savings -The labor savings is two-fold. First, it saves time for your graphic artist. Using CTS eliminates the use of film positives. This means no more waiting for film printing. Depending on the image size Lawson’s Express-Jet CTS v5, can take as little as 20 seconds to image your screen. Second, you get significant labor savings when registering your jobs on-press. Since the Express-Jet v5 CTS uses precision xy coordinates, all your images will remain in the same location. This means you can set-up a 6-color job in under 10 minutes!

2. Saves Space -No need to save film. By savings your artwork on the computer, you eliminate the need, headache and cost of saving films. Reprinting a job is as simple as pressing a few buttons.

3. Simplify Workflow -The RIP software makes it easy to transfer and store files. Use “hot folders” for seamless transfers between your art department and screen room.

4. Product Better Screens -A CTS virtually eliminates the potential issues in traditional screen production. When exposing a screen imaged with a CTS machine, you can expose with a glassless exposure unit, such as the LED-5000 Vertical Screen Printing Exposure Units. Problems such as pinholes, long exposure times, and undercutting disappear when using a computer-to-screen device.

5. Better Screen Developing & Wash Out CTS imaged screens wash out better. Typically, the screen room is where the lowest level employees are, yet they have one of the most critical jobs. With a CTS screen, the washout person is able to see specifically where the screen needs to be washed so they can make sure those areas are given appropriate attention.

6. Consistency - Since a CTS is computer controlled, it does the same output file after file. By reducing the potential for human error, you gain consistency. An increase in consistency directly means increased quality.

There are plenty of other reasons to add a computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging machine to your screen print shop, but these are the top six that apply no matter what size or type of printer you are. Contact Lawson to talk about your specific workflow and discover more reasons a CTS makes sense for you.

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