TWO SGIA Product of the Year Awards

SGIA PoY 2017

We are proud to announce the selection for two prestigious SGIA's Product of the Year Awards in 2017.

The Lawson Proton won for Best Manual Screen Printing Garment Press. The Ajax In-Line Reclaimer won for Best Screen Printing Post-Press Product. Lawson beat out more than 70 companies and 222 entries across all categories. This put its double victory over the largest field of competitors in the awards program’s history.

“Everyone here at Lawson is proud to continue our tradition of being Pioneers in the Screen Printing Industry. We are honored to be recognized for our engineering achievements by SGIA,”
--Taylor Landesman, Vice-President.

The Lawson Proton Manual T-Shirt Screen-printing Press

Floor Model Proton Screen Printing PressThe Lawson Proton Press solves the problem every screen printer faces - trying to decide between the machine they want for the future, or the machine they need right now. This is especially true with startups and smaller shops. The Lawson Proton is a completely modular, manual indexing printing press, with many unique options and features. The Lawson Proton starts as a 1-color/1-station bench model press. Then it expands up to a 6-color/4-station carousel, production floor model press. It comes standard as a rear clamp machine, but operators have the option of converting to side-clamps in the field.

Micro-registration is available and includes a locator grid and true X/Y movement. With twin, eccentric roller-bearing registration and a heavy-duty solid 1.625” shaft, the Proton has a standard 7-year registration warranty.


 The Lawson Ajax In-Line Screen Reclaimer

Ajax In Line Screen Printing Reclaimer The Lawson Ajax In-Line Reclaimer provides a fully automated screen reclaiming system for any sized shop, increasing shop productivity and improving screen quality. Automating your reclaim process increases productivity, reduces labor costs and minimizes employee exposure to messy chemicals and loud noise. The Ajax Reclaimer promotes consistency by eliminating operator variables such as attention deficit issues, operator fatigue, inadequate training, and the inconsistent application of standard operating procedures. Plus, the Ajax Reclaimer creates a cleaner and safer working environment. All chemicals and liquids are enclosed, filtered, and re-circulated through Lawson’s closed-loop environmentally friendly system.

The Lawson Ajax In-Line Reclaimer’s process starts when frames are on the in-feed track. Afterwards, it moves by pinch-rollers into the reclaiming chamber. As the screen enters the chamber, four (4) spinning nozzle arms, each with two (2) high-pressure nozzles totally reclaim all areas, even the corners, of the emulsified screen. The screen exits directly into a backlit inspection area. The Ajax Developer is ideal for all screen printing frames up to 25” tall by any length. The Product of the Year jewel awards will be presented in a special ceremony Monday, October 10, 2017, in conjunction with the 2017 SGIA Expo.

See the Lawson Proton and Ajax In-Line Reclaimer at the SGIA New Orleans convention in Island # 413 and Booth # 901, taking place October 10 - 12, 2017.

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