SGIA 2018 Product of the Year Awards: Lock-N-Go


SGIA PoY 2018 feature

Lawson Screen & Digital Products -- St. Louis, MO -- won the prestigious Speciality Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) Product of the Year Award for 2018. Lawson beat out more than 70 companies and 255 entries across all categories to claim its victory over the largest field of competitors in the SGIA's awards program’s history. The Lawson Lock-N-Go Registration System named Pre-Press Product. The Lawson Lock-N-Go Registration System was recognized as the Best Screen Printing Pre-Press Product.

Taylor POTYAwardLawson is a multiple Product of the Year Award winner and is honored by this recognition. Lawson strives to make screen printing machines and digital equipment that are simple to use, operate and maintain. The Lock-N-Go does just that by revolutionizing the silk screen on-press registration process. The Lawson Lock-N-Go system allows for the simultaneous registration of multiple screen frames at one time, eliminating the need for the t-shirt press operator to register one screen at a time. The Lock-N-Go is so unique, innovative and revolutionary that Lawson was awarded a U.S. Patent.

One of the most critical and time-consuming silk screen pre-press steps is registering multiple color jobs. Originally, the press operator manually printed and aligned each screen frame, color-by-color, a slow, costly and labor intensive process. The newer three point registration devices require mounting to a single t-shirt platen, but each color must still be set one by one at the station where the device is located. Such a process is still slow, taking ten or more minutes. For a screen print shop with many change-overs per day, this equates to a lot of wasted downtime.

Lawson’s Lock-N-Go system is revolutionary since it mounts to each print head and registers each mesh screen at its own print head. This eliminates the need to have a "centralized" registration location.

The Lock-N-Go is available on the Lawson Mini-Trooper, Trooper and the Trooper Express EX. Older Lawson, and non-Lawson screen printing machines, can be retrofitted with Lawson’s Lock-N-Go.

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