Trooper Express - Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Trooper Express - Automatic Screen Printing Machine

At SGIA 2018


David Landesman, President of Lawson Screen & Digital Products demonstrates the highlights of the Lawson Trooper Express automatic screen printing machine.

The Trooper Express has micro registration for both the front and rear, and roller bearing registration to ensure pinpoint registration. Lawson guarantees perfect registration for 7 years.

With cassette screen loading, fully automated AC motor drive print heads, squeegilizer for consistency, make silk screen printing an easy set up and print job.

The Trooper Express is great for screen printing on a variety of garments, textiles and ASI items - including bags and lanyards.

The Trooper Express ships fully assembled so there are no expensive installation costs. No special training is required, but is offered through Lawson's Textile Tech Class.

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