Dual-Tack Pallet Tape Tutorial


How to apply Dual-Tack Pallet Tape to a screen printing platen. The PMI Dual-Tack Tape can also be used on direct-to-garment printing platens.

This durable double sided tape aides in holding the garment in place on the press. Use this tape as a replacement to spray adhesive or liquid glue. One of the best things about the Dual-Tack Tape is that it won't leave a sticky residue on the garment or on the pallet. No longer will you need to spend time cleaning off your t-shirt press daily due to adhesive residue left behind.

Pallet Tape Time Study

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  • Make sure to start off with a clean platen
  • Align the tape at the back of the platen and roll out loosely
  • Pull the tape a little pass the edge of the platen and cut off the tape from the roll as to not cut the platen
  • Use a squeegee or the roll of tape slowly with a fair amount of pressure when laying the applied tape to the platen. Remove air pockets. If air bubbles remain, you can gently and easily lift the tape from the pallet and set it back down to retry removing air pockets.
  • SLOWLY take the corner and peel back the protective layer to expose the top
  • Use a sharp knife, box cutter, or X-Acto to poke a hole in any remaining air bubbles and press down to smooth out.

Sold as a 15" wide roll or 18" wide roll.

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