Lawson Red Coat Blockout

Lawson's Red Coat Blockout Tutorial


Imperfections can happen in the screen printing industry. Such as, maybe you got too close to your screen frame with the pressure washer and ripped a small hole in it, or something happened during the emulsion coating phase.

To fix these imperfections put a small amount of water-soluble blockout, sometimes called screen filler, on the screen and use a squeegee card to spread it over the problem area. In this video, we demonstrate with the Lawson Red Coat Blockout. It can be used full strength or thinned with water. Note: be careful not to cover your registration marks.

If you put too much down, use to coat the edges the screen frame and emulsion. This adds another barrier of protection to your emulsion and is a great way to minimize taping. Using blockout is cheaper than tape too.

When finished, wipe off the extra Red Coat that is on the actual screen frame itself off. Make sure to dry the blockout before going to press. You can use a Pro-Cure Screen Printing Screen Dryer to speed up the curing process.

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