How-to Use Multi-Color Screen Registration Tape


Save time and money by registering your multi-color screen printing jobs quicker and easier with this great new screen printing supply item - Lawson's Multi-Color Screen Registration Tape

Print your first color and lay the tape down over it and print the next color. The plastisol ink does not need to be cured, however if you'd like to flash it, you can. Check to see if the artwork looks correct or if adjustments to the screen frame needs to be made.

If finished and ready to move to the next color, or to recheck after aligning the frame, use Clog Buster Screen Opener to easily remove the ink from the tape. Simply spray some Clog Buster on the tape and wipe away the ink. You can do this over and over, as many times as necessary with as many colors as needed.

This clear Screen Printing Registration Tape is perfect for manual and automatic screen printing machines. It is a huge time saver for registering all of your screen printing jobs.