Screen Printing on the Left Chest of a Polo


The left chest logo is a classic go-to location for a company logo. Typically it is sized 3" to 4" wide and not very complex in design. Learn how to screen print a left chest logo onto a polo shirt that has buttons, and that doesn’t have buttons.

Without buttons
It is best to find the center of the platen and mark a line. Then about 1 – 1.5 inches from the left of the center line to mark another line. That line will mark the right edge of where your printed design needs to align to.

With buttons
To find the print area for your design on the shirt when the shirt is on the platen, place platen rubber on the pallet to create a built up surface and put double sided tape over it to make sure the polo stays in place. Be sure to align the polo so that the design will print right below the lowest button on the polo.

To be clear, left is referring to your left when you’re wearing it. Right Chest is fine if you prefer that, but it’s not the standard. For more any questions please call 314.382.9300 or contact us