Screen Printing Spot Gun Cleaning Station Demo


The Expert 1000 Screen Printing Spot Cleaning Gun removes unwanted plastisol ink from t-shirts and other garments. The Spot Cleaning Gun is preset at the factory and adjustments are generally not required. It is a high quality spot cleaning gun that is perfect for light to moderate duty applications. There is an adjustable spray width on the nozzle, and the pressure on the knob near the handle.

The spot cleaning gun works well with the Superkleen Venta-2M Cleaning Station. Dedicated spot cleaning workstation to clean plastisol ink mistakes uses only 2 square feet of shop space.

The Superkleen Venta-2M Expert Cleaning Station is a must have for screen printing shops that need to remove unwanted pinholes, ink spots, and other plastisol ink spots that accidentally get on t-shirts and other garments.

The Cleaning station comes with a 7' support pole with gun reel (included) to reduce operator fatigue and holds your spot cleaning gun so you you won't drop and break it.

There is a vent on the cleaning station to help with veniliation as you spray. An On/Off switch cleverly controls both gun, and station.

Easy to use. Load the garment with the spot you'd like to remove over the vent and use the gun to start spraying the misplaced plastisol ink.

We recommend the IR-303 II Ink & Spot Remover without Methylene Chloride or IR-303 to use in the Spot Cleaning Gun.

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