How to Use Your Flash Unit Properly

How to Use Your Flash Unit Properly


A flash cure unit, or spot cure unit, can be used in print-flash-print technique, or to fully cure screen printing ink. As a side note, know that if you use a flash unit to cure your plastisol ink, the ink needs to reach a the necessary temperature to cure. That means for the Dynamic Ink series, the ink needs to reach 270 degrees Fahrenheit, and the MC/MCO series must be 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

To start off, make sure your spot cure unit is 2-3 inches from the platen and have it parallel to the platen. To obtain an even cure, make sure the unit is centered over the screen printing pallet.

Since flash units can take up a lot of power, be sure to have a dedicated outlet for it.

If you own or choose a flash unit with a temperature control, such as a Super Flash, you will the ability to adjust the temperature while the flash unit is in use.

For assistance on finding which type of flash unit is good for your shop, read our blog Choosing the Right Spot or Flash Dryer for your Screen Printing Shop. For other inquiries please contact us at 314.382.9300 or fill out our contact form.

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