Zeus V Digital Hybrid Squeegee-Jet with a Mini-Max Demo

Zeus V Digital Hybrid Squeegee-Jet & Mini-Max T-Shirt Press


The Zeus V Digital Hybrid Squeegee-Jet prints effortlessly with a Lawson Mini-Max automatic screen printing press.

Integrate direct-to-garment printing (DTG) with screen printing with the Zeus V Digital Hybrid Squeegee Jet printer. The Zeus-V is a digital hybrid garment printer. It is able to print on a wide variety of materials: cotton, 50/50's, sweats, polyester, tri-blends and more.

Use a silk screen printing press, in this instance we used a Mini-Max, automatic t-shirt press, but you can use a manual press as well, to screen print a white underbase. Then, set up a station for your flash cure unit to flash dry your underbase. Use another station that the Zeus will print a fully colored design on to the garment.

Powered by a unique DTG design, using double CMYK print heads, the Zeus-V printer will be able to unleash your imagination with total freedom on your screen printing press.

Screen printers no longer need to buy expensive carousels or oval presses. The Zeus Digital Hybrid Squeegee-Jet eliminates the need to buy anything more than a 2 or 3 color automatic. Gain the freedom of printing multi-color jobs from one of Lawson’s small footprint manual, semi-auto or fully automatic printing presses.

Using Lawson’s Zeus Digital Hybrid Squeegee-Jet eliminates the need for an advanced understanding of technical screen printing knowledge. You do not have to worry about perfect screen tension, registering a multitude of colors or any of the other screen printing challenges that come with multi-color work. You no longer need to do color separations! The Lawson Zeus V Digital Hybrid Squeegee-Jet lets every screen printer produce color-rich work with only 1 screen.

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