Screen Printing Emulsions

Lawson offers the best screen printing emulsion for use for plastisol, water-based and solvent inks. Choose the perfect emulsion no matter whether you screen print by hand, with an automatic, long runs or short runs. Read the guide below if you are looking for which is the best emulsion for your printing job.

How to Choose the Right Emulsion?
There are many different types of emulsion to choose from depending on factors like your type of printing (manual versus automatic), job run (short versus long), ink type (plastisol versus water-based/discharge) and light source (fluorescent tubes versus LED versus metal-halide).

Emulsion comes in many different colors, with popular options being blue, green, red and clear. The color choice is a preference. One color is not better than another. Most screen printers pick a color of emulsion based on how easy it is to see through the screen to make registering jobs on-press easier.

Use the below screen printing emulsion guide to choose the best emulsion for you:

Capillary Film - Known as Direct Film or Emulsion Sheets has a precise thickness that offers good resolution and definition. Capillary Film is durable for long print runs. A great option for anyone not wanting to coat a screen with liquid emulsion.

Photopolymer Emulsion - Pre-sensitized emulsion that exposes fast with a smaller exposure latitude. Can create thick E.O.M. (emulsion over mesh) for thick stencils. Use this type of liquid emulsion of you have an LED exposure unit.

Dual-Cure Emulsion - Uses a sensitizers to give better stencil strength and imaging. A great option for beginners and those just starting. It has high solid contents, wide exposure latitude and high resolution. Good for screen printers with LED and fluorescent tube exposure units.

Water Resistant Emulsion - For screen printers using water-based screen printing ink or discharge ink, a water-resistant emulsion is necessary. Some of our Photopolymer Emulsions are also water resistant if you want one emulsion for plastisol and water-based screen printing inks.

Diazo Emulsion - a good emulsion choice for most screen printing applications. Can be used with solvent based inks

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