Dual-Cure Screen Printing Emulsions

Dual-Cure liquid screen printing emulsions are one of the best emulsion choices for all types of screen printing. It is popular for new and inexperienced t-shirt printers due to their wide exposure latitude. Lawson Dual-Cure emulsions are one of the easiest to expose and reclaim. The Lawson Dual-Cure 310 is our most popular dual-cure emulsion and is included in all of our Beginner Screen Printing Supplies Kits.

Dual Cure emulsions use sensitizers that are mixed into the emulsion before coating your screen frame. This makes them a hybrid of diazo-photopolymer liquid emulsions. Mixing in your own diazo helps extend the shelf life of the emulsion, That makes this a great product to stock up on.

On average, dual-cure emulsions have a 35 - 45% solid content. The high solids contribute to faster drying, a sharp stencil and better emulsion over mesh (EOM) ratios. Lawson offers two types of dual-cure emulsion: Multi-Purpose High Speed Diazo & Photopolymer Combination from Ulano.

*Do not ship in freezing conditions*