Photopolymer Screen Printing Emulsions

Fast Exposing Liquid Emulsion

Photopolymer screen printing emulsion is the best pre-sensitized and hi-resolution emulsion available for tshirt and garment printing. Since Lawson's photopolymer screen printing emulsion exposes fast, there is a little less exposure latitude (exposure forgiveness). This makes it the best liquid emulsion for screen printers doing fine lines, half-tones, CMYK and simulated process printing. It is recommended to use a photopolymer emulsion with an LED exposure unit that has a vacuum top.

Photopolymer liquid emulsions are premixed emulsions, ready to use out of the bucket. They are some of the easiest to use emulsion because there is no diazo to mix into the emulsion. Using a photopolymer screen print emulsion allows you to achieve a thick stencil on your screen printing mesh because coatings can be applied on top of one another. This creates a high emulsion over mesh (EOM) ratio.

Due to the fast stencil exposure, it is important to use an Kiwo exposure calculator to get the correct exposure time.  

*Do not ship when freezing*