Screen Printing Chemicals

Quality screen printing chemicals are essential for successful screen printing. Lawson's chemicals are the best options for every stage of printing - from pre-press, on-press color changes, to screen reclaiming, get quality screen printing chemicals shipped the same day.

There are four (4) main categories of screen print chemicals:

Pre-Press Chemicals - This chemical category helps prepare screen printing frames and mesh for emulsion coating, exposure and on-press manual and automatic screen printing.

Press Wash - Cleans up and removes ink from screen printing frames. Screen printers can use press washes during the screen reclaiming process and while on-press for color changes.

Ink Degradents - Ink degradents are used for cleaning out screens. Best for removing plastisol, graphic and water based screen printing ink from mesh.

Reclaiming Chemicals - Reclaim chemicals allow frames to be cleaned and reused for the next screen print job.

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