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Chemical Trial Kit


/ Vendor: Lawson Screen & Digital Products

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Chemical Trial Kit | Try our most popular chemicals at a bargain price!

Test our most popular screen printing chemicals with this trial package. These chemicals are designed for degreasing and removing plastisol ink stains from mesh on screen printing frames; color changes on-press and screen opener; ink degrading and haze remover. This screen printing chemical kit also comes with chemical resistant spray heads to make application easier and scrub brushes.

  • 5 Chemical Resistant Spray Heads -Our 32 oz. spray heads are designed to resist chemicals used at any printing press and in the mesh screen room
  • 1 Quart MD-100 Mesh Degreaser - MD-100 is a concentrated formula for removing dirt, silicone and oils from your mesh.
  • 1 Quart ID-360 Ink & Stain Remover - Completely cleans and removes residual ink stains. It is biodegradable and drain safe, Non-Flammable stain remover.
  • 1 Quart PW 305 Press Wash - PW-305 will perform as a great plastisol or graphic UV ink press wash when changing colors between jobs, and/or as a screen opener for continuous printing.
  • 1 Quart ID-200 Soy Ink Degradent - This low odor, Soy-Based textile and graphic ink degradent is drain safe and works well on plastisol, UV, enamel, lacquer, and vinyl inks. 
  • 1 Quart SR-45 Concentrated Stencil Remover -Odor-free, non hazardous, concentrated stencil remover liquid you can mix up to 1:3 with your water for removing direct emulsion stencils, capillary film stencils or direct/indirect stencils. 
  • 1 - Flat Brush - Ideal grit for screen printing preparation and reclaiming process to speed up the removal of inks and emulsions.

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