Ink Degradents Screen Printing Chemicals

Screen printing ink degradent chemicals are best used for when cleaning your screen printing frames and mesh after manual or automatic printing. Lawson's ink degradants are best for removing plastisol, graphic and water based screen printing ink from your screens and mesh.

Use these high quality screen printing chemicals on-press as an ink remover, as a screen opener (although Clog-Buster is better for that), or in your reclaim area. Lawson's One-Step Dip Tank Solution is a concentrated dip tank chemical that functions as an ink degradent, stencil remover and mesh degreaser.

Environmentally friendly and soy-based screen printing chemicals are available. Our products are biodegradable and drain safe. For t-shirt printing, popular options include ID-360 Ink Degradent Stain Remover, and ID-200 Soy Based Ink Degradent.