Computer-To-Screen Imaging Machines

Compare computer-to-screen, direct-to-screen and laser-to-screen equipment

A CTS, or Computer-To-Screen printer, brings innovation to the screen printing industry. Computer-To-Screen printers improve workflow, reduce consumable costs, allows for substantially faster “on-press” set-up time, ensures perfect image to image registration, and improves print quality.

CTS machines do not use film; therefore the cost of screen printing film is eliminated. Go straight from the computer to the emulsion-coated screen. By removing the need for film, image quality improves, and exposure times are dramatically reduced.

The best part of a CTS imaging device is your screens can now be instantly registered - especially with the use of an on-press registration device. There is no exposing through glass, and the workflow process is easier, not to mention faster, to obtain a consistent registered screen for multi-color jobs. In addition, because you no longer have to expose through a piece of glass, those nasty little pinholes in your emulsion are eliminated.

Want to understand more about the Laser-to-Screen (LTS) process and how it can improve your pre-press procedure and workflow? Download the Lawson Screen & Digital LTS Guide