How T-Shirts Are Printed

Now that you have all of your screen printing equipment and supplies it is time to print. If you are not sure how to print t-shirts, don't worry, Lawson Screen and Digital Products will help you. Read this step by step easy instructions on how to screen print a t-shirt.

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  • Photo example of Step 1 - Create The Art

    #1: Create the Art

    You or your customer create art with a computer and print it on special paper or film in a laser or Inkjet printer.

  • Photo example of Step 2 - Start Screen Developing

    #2: Start Screen Developing

    Attach the positive to a coated screen with removable Scotch™ tape.

  • Photo example of Step 3 - Expose the Screen

    #3: Expose the Screen

    Expose the stencil with Ultra-violet light.

  • Photo example of Step 4 - Press Wash

    #4: Press Wash

    Washout the unexposed areas with warm water.

  • Photo example of Step 5 - Mount and Register Mesh Screen

    #5: Mount and Register Mesh Screen

    Mount the screen in a press where you want the image to print on the shirt.

  • Photo example of Step 6 - Add Plastisol Ink

    #6: Add Plastisol Ink

    Add the plastisol ink color you need to the screen.

  • Photo example of Step 7 - Load T-Shirt

    #7: Load T-Shirt

    Align the t-shirt on the screen printing platen to get a staright print.

  • Photo example of Step 8 - Print Ink onto shirt

    #8: Print Ink onto shirt

    Apply firm pressure with squeegee and apply ink to the shirt.

  • Photo example of Step 9 - Remove Shirt

    #9: Remove Shirt

    Remove the shirt from the platen to begin the curing phase.

  • Photo example of Step 10 - Cure the Ink

    #10: Cure the Ink

    Heat the shirt and ink to 320°F to complete the drying process.

  • Photo example of Step 11 - Finish Screen Printing

    #11: Finish Screen Printing

    After the shirts have completed the dryer cycle neatly fold and pack shirts in boxes. And you have finished!