Threads and Bobbins

Shop Robison-Anton (RA) 100% polyester threads and bobbins in different sizes and styles.

The Best Embroidery Supplies For Your Projects

Lawson is a premium seller of embroidery thread offering different types of embroidery thread types. Lawson offer's Robison-Anton (RA) embroidery thread for machine and hand sewing and embroidery. This Robison-Anton thread is high quality polyester that is comparable to Maderia embroidery thread. Get free shipping on polyester embroidery thread from Lawson.

Lawson Carries Deluxe Robison-Anton Threads

Robison-Anton is a worldwide leader in embroidery thread. They are the only company that processes and dyes polyester in one factory and dye house in the USA for optimum control. Robison-Anton’s King Spool and Mini King Spools out performs any traditional sewing spools.

We Make Your Life Easier With Pre-Wound Bobbins

Lawson provides pre-wound bobbins for embroidery machines. Our bobbins are suitable for all applications and are of the highest quality. Lawson's embroidery bobbins are Tex 16 Poly Commercial L style white filament polyester (with sides).