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Art-Smart: 1 Day Screen & Digital Printing Artwork Class

This is a training class for the beginner screen and/or digital printer where you will learn the basics of using Photoshop and Corel Draw to make film positives for Screen Printing, and Transfers for Sublimation.

Students are encouraged to bring their own laptop for use in the class.

This class is highly customizable to meet your individual needs and interests. Just let us know what you want to concentrate on and we'll make sure we cover that topic.

Continuing telephone Training and Support Packages are available from your software provider (i.e. Photoshop, Corel, etc. - and we suggest you purchase their support, as they are excellent) or from Lawson at additional cost.

Covered In This Course

  • Basic manipulations
  • Set-up & preferences
  • Menus
  • Optional programs & add-ons
  • Understanding color pallets
  • Color separations
  • Underbasing for printing on darks
  • How to use the toolbox
  • Import & export files
  • Bitmap vs. vector programs
  • Image Resolution
  • Scanning Basics
  • Fixing Images
  • Getting help from Corel & Adobe

Class Schedule

St. Louis
Call 314-382-9300 or fill out our class quote form for details

Call 770.424.3570 or fill out our class quote form for details