Multi-Tech's Plastisol Ink Color Charts

Printing Multi Tech Color Card

Here is an image of Glen printing a 64-color job on a Lawson Trooper automatic screen printing press

The perk of these color cards are in order to help our customers decide the perfect ink colors for their next screen printing job.

Don't want to prep, coat and expose a separate screen for each and every one of your colors? Glen's got a trick for that! Here he is utilizing only one screen for up to four colors by adding hand-made channel-spacers in between each color on the screen to keep them separate. He's then using a custom-cut V-squeegee to stroke in each channel simultaneously. This technique is called "split screening."

Do you have a job that requires that one special technique you haven't quite mastered yet? Are you looking for ways to improve your shop's quality and productivity? Keep an eye on Lawson's Technical Support Articles section on our website or you can always feel free to give us a call at 314.382.9300 for support!

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