Brian & Tami - Git-R-Done Graph-X - Staunton , IL

"Well it seems like you can go anywhere on the Internet to find just about anything these days. I decided to do some research on screen printing and sublimation. I already planned to buy locally since I wanted to be able to justify customer service when I had a problem or questions regarding the equipment I wanted to purchase. I set out one day to visit 3 different companies in the St. Louis area to see what they had to offer. I had reviewed many of the products on the Internet and looked at pricing. My first stop was Lawson SP. Now keep in mind I did not call them first to tell them I was coming, I did not tell them I was coming. Walked right in when I got there, and talked to Andy. He was super professional and sold me on a sublimation package. I excitidly took my package home and got it up and running on the same day. Sublimation has become such an imprtant part to my store. Glen was super helpful also, and we will continue our business with Lawson"

-Brian and Tami 
Git-R-Done Graph-X 
Staunton, IL

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