Multi-Tech’s FastFilms™ Ink Series is a premium plastisol formulated specifically to match the Pantone® colors specified by Scott Fresener’s FastFilms™ separation plug-in for Photoshop. They will work wet-on-wet on automatic or manual presses. The semi-opaque formulation is specifically designed to provide cleaner/brighter inks with higher pigment loading for brilliant color, a soft-hand feel with a smooth finish. It is exceptionally fast-flashing and is ready for use right out of the bucket. In addition, it has an exceptionally long shelf life.

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Colors Availble for Purchase Pantone Mesh
MCO / HO White   156 - 230
FI-102 Lemon Pantone 102 180 - 305
FI-185 Scarlet Pantone 185
FI-286 Blue Pantone 286
FI-219 Purple Pantone 219
FI-361 Green Pantone 361
FI-306 Light Blue 306
FI-150 Orange 150
FI-475 Light Flesh 475
FI-167 Brown 167
FI-161Dark Brown 161
FI-421 Gray 421
Highlight White   180 - 230
Black   200 - 305

For best results use retensionable screens at 25 - 30 newtons. Put the Underbase and Highlight on 156 - 230 and the top colors on 180 - 305. Flash only after the underbase white. Use lower mesh counts for basic images if you wish.