LED-5000 Testimonials

"'Hi Brian,

This exposure unit is bad-ass. It is amazing, I LOVE IT! You can use that as a quote!

Every dot @ 45 lpi on my 200 mesh is washing out perfect - resolution is incredible.

Good work, Lawson, on manufacturing the best exposure unit I have ever used.

Update: Results with Photopolymer emulsion:

  • 110 mesh – white - (2/2 coating with sharp edge) – 28 seconds – good strong stencil
  • 155 mesh – white – (2/2 coating with sharp edge) – 19 seconds –
  • 200 mesh – yellow – (2/1 coating with sharp edge) – 16 seconds – perfect half tones and crisp lines – every dot washes out.
  • 305 mesh – yellow – (2/1 coating with sharp edge) – 12 seconds – 65 lpi, no problem – EVERY dot washes out – uncanny resolution for a photo polymer. Seriously, 65 lpi, no problem.

Another thing we’ve noticed – I’ve had maybe 5 total pinholes in 80+ screens. Overall, we are ecstatic with our screens. Best screens we’ve every burned in 17+ years doing it."

John Sease - Meridian
Lexington, SC
November, 2013


"I absolutely love my new Lawson LED-5000 exposure unit. My old nuArc metal halide unit had broken down, and I was desperate for a new unit. I called Lawson and they got me a new unit ahead of schedule. It is amazing - and it's as fast and as good as my old nuArc.  Thank you Lawson!"

Mush Hussain - Action Grafix Tees
Davie, FL
May, 2014

"Thanks for all the help you've given today to make this happen so quickly.  One thing I appreciate is great customer service and you guys at Lawson sure have that, which puts you leaps and bounds ahead of the other guys."

Purchased a 4872 LED-5000 Exposure Unit.

Kyle Woodall - MachineGunGraphics
Salem, NC
December, 2014

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