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1 Day Dark Garment Screen Printing Class

This intensive one-day screen printing workshop features lots of hands-on training and a general question and answer session. You will actually print on dark shirts. This is a totally "hands-on" class. No Lectures!

This textile tech class is highly customizable to meet your individual needs and interests. Just let us know what you want to concentrate on and we'll make sure we cover that topic.

Class size is limited to 4 students and is only held in St. Louis Missouri. One Day Course Offered Quarterly on a regular basis; or call 314-382-9300 and we can schedule a class to meet your schedule.

Covered In This Course

  • Surface Printing, Not Wet-On-Wet
  • Flashing
  • Plastisol ink underbase styles
  • Mesh count selection
  • Best plastisol ink color choices
  • Art principles
  • Print order
  • Analyze t shirt examples
  • Troubleshooting

Class Schedule

St. Louis
Call 314-382-9300 or fill out our class quote form for details

Call 770.424.3570 or fill out our class quote form for details