Lawson Companion Take-Off Demo on a Lawson Mustang


A demonstration of how a Lawson Companion Take-Off is a great accessory for the Lawson Mustang Graphic Press.

Watch as David loads chipboard onto the Mustang flat-bed press, and then how easily the Companion Take-Off is able to take it off the press.

The Lawson Companion Take-Off can take off a wide variety of materials including, but not limited to, chipboard, vinyl, polyester, heat transfers, and more.

The patented Lawson Companion gripper system, mechanically forces and directs the substrate down towards the conveyor. The lower gripper is moved out of the way, as the upper gripper pushes the stock downward which prevents the problems commonly associated with stock release. A patented release system eliminates "paper-hang" so you save time, labor and money while dramatically increasing production.

Notice he is able to load while the Take-Off is moving. The Companion automates movement of the substrate from the press with a unique timing belt drive system. There are a variety of safety interlocks, so the Companion will not jam the machine, or damage the substrate. Even if you make a mistake loading the Companion Take-Off has flexibility to accommodate you. Only limited by the time it takes you to load the substrate.

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