Digi Star Elite Conveyor Dryer Overview


The Lawson Digi-Star Elite is an intelligent dryer. It features a large, information-rich color touch screen and is the most energy-efficient electric convection jet-air dryer available in the industry. It utilizes state-of-the-art SCR curing technology that is specifically designed to cure digital DTG inks along with water-base inks, plastisol inks and discharge screen printing inks. The Digi-Star Elite Dryer is a universal live-air dryer that cures everything.

Lawson uses its proprietary infrared (IR) heating panels to produce a vortex of hot air. Operators can regulate the percentage of re-circulated air versus “new” air within the chamber. This creates one of the most efficient and effective heat chambers for curing plastisol screen printing ink and drying digital and water-based inks.

The Digi-Star Elite T-shirt Dryer was awarded with the Printing United 2020 Product of the Year Award for best conveyor dryer. With this award, Lawson further advances its achievement of being a multi Product of the Year Award winner. “We are honored by Printing United recognizing the Lawson Digi-Star Elite Conveyor dryer as the industry’s best and most advanced conveyor dryer,” says Taylor Landesman, Vice-President of Lawson Screen & Digital Products. “The Lawson Digi-Star Elite is a pioneer of ‘smart curing’ technology for both Screen Printing and direct-to-garment (DTG). We are already seeing wide adoption of the Digi-Star Elite in print shops big and small, and among traditional analog screen printing and DTG.”

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