Digi- Star Elite Conveyor Dryer Tablet Overview


The Digi-Star Elite textile dryer has won the prestigious Printing United Product of the Year Award for the best conveyor dryer on the market in the year 2020. One of the special features that come standard with this screen printing machine is the industry’s most advanced and intuitive color touch screen.

Monitor this t-shirt dryer remotely from your I-phone, Android, I-pad or tablet. Engineered and designed to mimic the movements and gestures of an I-phone and Android, the touch screen control pad can be used by anyone to visually monitor the status of the dryer. Digitally program temperatures, belt speed, and the actual time garments are inside the chamber (down to the 100th of a second).

There are virtually limitless amount of presets for all the type of screen printing, direct-to-garment printing, or any other form of digital t-shirt printing jobs that your shop does. For instance, program this screen printing machine to cure plastisol ink specifically for a low cure ink onto hoodies, or to cure DTG ink onto a black shirt. The Digi-Star Elite cures DTG ink, screen printing inks such as plastisol and water-based ink, discharge inks, and more!

This textile conveyor dryer will provide the professional results your customers demand for properly cured DTG garments and all types of plastisol and water base ink.

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