Mustang 14 Flat-bed Graphic Press


The Mustang flat-bed press offers a cost-effective solution for every screen printer, large or small, low- or high-volume. The Lawson Mustang combines sophistication, control, consistency and reliability in one space-saving package. It's easy to set up, operate and maintain, and prints on paper, vinyl, Mylar, foils, plastics, metal, glass, transfers...just about anything flat with pinpoint (+/- .001-inch) accuracy. All Lawson Mustang's are shipped fully assembled, ready to print, and no special training is required. All adjustments are fast and easy, without tools.


At this time I'd like to demonstrate a few key features of the Lawson Mustang 14. Please note that you have a solid aluminum vacuum frame with a solid aluminum honeycomb core. The powerful, with a 1.25 horsepower vacuum is adjustable in its timing. This is a dual crank arm machine, not a centered crank arm, but a dual crank arm. I would like to point out the low profile nature of the press, so it's easy to see through the machine to the rest of the factory floor. This is actually an all-mechanical machine which means you can adjust the squeegee and flood pressures mechanically. No air is required or is necessary for the standard Mustang 14. Also you can adjust the angle control of both of the squeegees and the floodbar as well. Notice the easy drop-down screen for registration purposes, and remounting purposes. That's the basics of the Lawson Mustang 14 that also includes up-front peel control as well as total off-contact control.