Mini Printer ASI Sign Printer


With the ability to print any material with a thickness of .001 of an inch to 14 inches, the Mini-Printer/ASI printer can print mass quantities of flat stock. For example, events, graduations, business or political awareness signage. For thin materials, there is a vacuum table add on to easily switch off and on and it can print with plastisol inks or air dry inks.

The Mini-Printer/ASI is air operated (pneumatic), but has electric control switches for maximum reliability. Its heavy-duty design holds up to constant production use and provides years of trouble-free production with little required maintenance. Ideal for 1-color screen printing and critical one and half-tone printing. This screen printing press machine is easily customizable to meet special printing requirements.

To print large runs put the machine in dwell mode. This will cause the screen printer to cycle with predetermined settings. The operator just needs to load and unload the material, resulting in a higher production rate.

No matter whether you are a large professional screen printing production shop or a smaller screen print operation, the Mini-Printer-ASI can handle your screen printing job. Screen print on t-shirts, novelty items, bags, backpacks, tote bags, heat transfers, cards, decals, bumper stickers, wood, glass, plastics, coroplast and signs.

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