Taylor from Lawson Screen & Digital give an overview of the Lawson Scout Manual Screen Printing Press.

The Scout is a great screen printing press for those who are hobbyists, who are beginning screen printers, or people are looking to start screen printing. Save space and money with the compact and portable Lawson Scout printing press. You'll find the Lawson Scout is ideal for schools, clubs, beginners and the serious hobby printer and is specifically designed for the budget and space-conscious.

There is the inexpensive one color, one station bench model, or you can choose a more advanced option like a 4-color, one station model with an optional floor legs. Additionally there is a 4-color, 4-station model as well. Located on the platen arms are registration and adjustable off-contact knob for printing different types of garments such as hoodies or t-shirts.

All-steel construction and sturdy mechanical components make the Scout a great press for printing t-shirts. It's small and light enough for one person to move anywhere it's needed. Just clamp (or bolt down) on a sturdy table and you are ready to start using.

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