Lawson Seneca Flat-bed Graphic Press


The Lawson Seneca is a simple, easy-to-use graphic flat-bed press. The Seneca is fast to set-up and includes many of the features found on much more expensive presses. In addition, Lawson's reputation for dependability and easy service is always standard. The Seneca provides maximum control of the printing process. Lawson's exclusive Load-Leveller, Single-Point Peel System and Dial Indicator Controls are standard. It has been engineered to print fine line half-tones, ultraviolet inks, printed circuits, plastics, glass, transfers, water-based inks and much more.


You can operate the machine from the control panel just as you see me doing here, or it can be operated via foot pedal at the convenience of the operator as you see me demonstrating, or you can use it in the blade well automatic mode as demonstrated by adjusting the controls here. This is a sensor driven machine so the stroke is completely adjustable in both the front and rear position. One of the unique features of the Lawson Seneca or the Lawson Pioneer is that of utilizing Dial Indicators in conjunction with your micro-registration. Notice the dial indicator. If I want to move it 4-thousandths of an inch, I simply move it to four-thousandths of an inch. If I want to move it back two-thousandths I can do so right here, under precise and accurate control. The most unique feature of the Lawson Seneca is its Load Leveler device. In addition to providing a squeegalizer, the Lawson Load Leveler allows you to adjust the squeegee post anywhere on the width of the print carriage.