Lawson Silver Jet DTG PreTreatment Sprayer Overview


Taylor from Lawson Screen & Digital Products does an overview of the Silver Jet direct-to-garment pre-treat sprayer.

The Lawson Silver-Jet Pre-Treat Sprayer is an All-Electric pretreat application sprayer. It will work with any pre-treat formula and any DTG machine. Use a pre-treat machine like the Silver Jet for consistent application for bright vibrant colors on your print.

The unit is fully enclosed meaning there is no overspray either, keeping the work area clean, and safe. This is also a space saver.

Pretreat garments quickly, easily and consistently at the touch of a button - with zero out-spray. Just pull out the drawer, load the shirt and push the start button. There is plenty of area space in the drawer for garments such as hoodies, or long sleeves.

You can easily change the spray width and length on the Silver-Jet, allowing for complete control of the pretreat spray pattern no matter what type of garment you are doing. Just adjust the start and stop position on the side to control spray length.

The side panel opens for easy access making maintenance a breeze. This simplifies taking out the spray tip nozzle for routine cleaning.

Located in the back of this DTG machine is a one gallon holder for pre-treat solution such as Image Lock RFU, and a catch basin for any excess over-spray.