Lawson Silver-Jet V2 DTG Pre-Treat Machine Overview


The Lawson Silver-Jet Pre-Treat Sprayer is an all-electric pretreat application sprayer. It will work with any pre-treat formula and any DTG machine. Pretreat garments quickly, easily and consistently at the touch of a button - with zero out-spray. Just pull out the drawer, load the shirt and push the start button. This is a great unit for someone wanting a fully enclosed unit and a great value DTG pretreat sprayer machine.

Features of this machine:

    • No On/Off button, simply plug in and go

    • Specially made tuck platens to fit any garment thickness. Exclusive: you can dress the shirt, so now that you can do a single layer spray to one side of the t-shirt.

    • Easy spray volume control knob.

    • A no cranking adjustable spray length knob

    • Prop open top with prop bar for easy access to spray nozzle

    • Distilled water/Pretreat solution container holder installed

The Lawson Silver-Jet V2 is a great automatic DTG pretreat solution sprayer. For more information on how to properly pretreat your garment, watch our video How Much DTG Pretreat To Use For Dark Garments. To request pricing on the Silver-Jet, you can fill out our price request form, or call 314.382.9300 and speak to a sales representative.