Super Simple Registration System Overview

Super Simple Registration System Overview


Got a silk screen job that has more than two colors? No problem, with the use of the Super Simple Registration System make lining up your screen printing film positives on the frame a simple task. The SSR System will not only help you line up the film for burning screens, but will make registering the screens on the press easy too.

How to Use the Super Simple Registration System:
Place tape on the edges of your film positive. The tape should be placed so that the adhesive side will be facing up after this step is complete. Put your silk screen film positive with design facing top down (up-side down from yourself). The easy-to-use bench model alignment board has popular grid lines already printed in place, to make your file alignment simple. In addition, the SSR comes with "angle legs" so you can position the alignment board at an angle if you so desire.

Center the artwork on center line built onto the SSR screen printing machine. Note: There are 2 sets of lines, one is used for a 20 x 24 screen frame, and the other is for a 23 x 31 mesh frame. Center Line is marked for both manual and automatic size frames.

After lining up the centers, activate the vacuum to hold the film in place.

Next, take the frame and put it on top of your film positive and line it up using the 3 point alignment pins on the left.

Secure film positive to frame with the tape you put on your film earlier. Turn off vacuum, lift up the frame, and you are ready to expose.

How to use the Super Simple Registration System to line up your exposed frames on to the press

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