Trooper Registration Features


David does a brief video on the unique registration features on the Lawson Mini-Trooper and Lawson Trooper screen printing machines.
Located in the core of these t-shirt printing presses are twin roller bearings, and a registration gate on every print station. The registration gates are what makes Lawson able to guarantee a 7-Year perfect registration. Our competitors can't offer that.
On our silk screen machines, we have a micro-registration system. We have a front and a standard rear registration system.
The easy to use front registration is as simple as unlocking the knobs, and turn the back knobs to loosen the aluminum mesh frame. In a left to right movement of the micro registration bar, the print head moves in a straight line to adjust to the appropriate place. This bar does not arc, and has a grid to help guide your registering.
The rear registration system does not need to have the frame loosened. It moves left to right, and used for micro adjustments.

There are more great features on the Trooper Automatic T-shirt Press. Read more about the Trooper at