The Uni-Cart is a great way to organize and store all of your screen printing frames, ink and chemicals to keep your screen printing shop looking clean.

In this video, Lawson Screen & Digital demonstrates how simple the Uni-Cart can organize any work space. There are racks to hold automatic silkscreen machine squeegees and hand squeegees. There is space provided for plastisol ink buckets and mesh screen frames. Also you can create a section on top for art supplies such as, goop scoops, platen adhesives, hand wipes, and spatulas.

The best part is that the screen printing Uni-cart is mobile! There are wheels installed to make moving around your shop with all of your supplies a breeze. Another perk is that this cart can be designed to fit your screen print shop needs. Need a side mount self, or an extra squeegee/floodbar holder? No problem, this cart can be completely customized.

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