Lawson HD Universal Face Mask Platen Demonstration


Let's face it, face masks are not going away any time soon. With the rising concern for health safety, society is opting to wear face masks evrey day to protect themselves and others from spreading germs. This has resulted in a desire for custom printed face masks. Companies want their brand printed on masks, groups want their logos, and the individual wants to have a unique design. Extend your screen printing business to include face masks with the use of a Lawson HD Universal Face Mask Platen.

Watch this demonstration how to set up a pleated or flat mask onto a specialty screen printing platen manufactured to print on face masks. Easily attach this silk screen platen to an automatic screen printing press, or a manual t-shirt press and begin printing.

Need masks to print on? Lawson has you covered, check out our Deluxe Face Masks. If you own an Epson SureColor F2100 DTG printer, we also offer a Face Mask Platen for that too.