Lawson Universal Screen Printing Face Mask Platen Sizes


Decorate and customize face masks on your manual or automatic screen printing press. Screen print all types of masks with Lawson's HD Universal Screen Print Face Mask Platen.

All the mask platens feature a neoprene rubber for the best printing surface. No need to use adhesive since Lawson's face mask screen printing platen has a unique hold down device.

The universal 3"x3" is for small images, such as logos. Simply lay the face mask down flat, close the top of the platen, and print!

The lay flat mask platen is a 3.5 x 5.5" image area. It works great on flat masks, deluxe flat masks, vapor masks, and gaiter masks. The lay flat screen printing mask platen is great for a bigger image design.

Lastly, we have a curved mask platen, or also known as a fitted mask platen. This screen printing pallet is designed for masks with seams down the middle.