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EPSON Stylus Photo R1800 POSink DYE Black


/ Vendor: U.S. Screen

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EPSON Stylus Photo R1800 POSink DYE Black | For Film Positives

POSink Dye Ink for EPSON R1800
The EPSON R1800 is a pigment ink printer so you have to convert to a special DYE black ink for positives. POSink is the best dye based ink for screen making positives on the market. It is specially formulated for printing on coated clear film and designed to dry quickly, resist scratches and have excellent UV blocking characteristics. POSink is a safe, non-toxic water based textile ink which is solvent and odor free.

You want a bulk ink system so you don't have to change cartridges so often. The cartridges in the EPSON R1800 hold 18ml but this system increases it to 8oz. The 8oz Black Ink Bulk System was designed for those who print film positives with the R1800 and have been frustrated by the need to continue buying expensive color cartridges. The problem lies in the fact that all new Epson printers are designed to keep the Print Head moistened and the printer will do this by using use ALL colors of ink when powered ON or when performing Head Cleanings.

The solution is to replace the color cartridges with inexpensive inkjet cleaning solution. Each color slot has a separate reservoir connected to it through a tube and cleaning solution is drawn through the Nozzles at startup or during Head Cleanings. In place of the Black ink cartridge, one reservoir is filled with a bulk quantity of Black dye-based POSink. This will allow you to print nearly ten times as many film positives compared to standard POSink cartridge. The system also uses "auto-reset" chips on each cartridge, so if the printer thinks one cartridge has run out of ink, all you have to do is power OFF the printer. Turn it back ON and the printer will recognize the cartridge as Full.

Using this system may save you as much as 80% on ink compared to buying standalone cartridges! The system also saves you money because you no longer need to purchase expensive Epson inkjet cartridges for all of the colors that you do not use. Using these cartridges will not void your warranty from Epson.

Lawson recommends Water Proof Inkjet film

There are eight ink cartridges in this printer. Install the POSink instead of MATTE BLACK because when the printer starts for the first time it will write the cartridge information to the firmware. It requires an EPSON technician; many purge cleaning cycles & wasted ink to clean the tube system of pigment ink.

***For the best screen printing positives, install a POSink cartridge in Slot 4.
Ink Cartridge Slots:
Slot 1 = Yellow
Slot 2 = Magenta
Slot 3 = Cyan
Slot 4 = Matte Black
*** replace with POSink
Slot 5 = Photo Black
Slot 6 = Red
Slot 7 = Blue
Slot 8 = Gloss Optimizer

One of the black cartridges must be REPLACED with a DYE INK cartridge for making positives unless you want to use more expensive pigment film. You do not want to install a black pigment cartridge because it is almost impossible to purge the pigment ink when you want to switch to DYE ink.

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