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Orange PUNCH! The Knock Out Punch to Grease and Dirt

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Orange PUNCH! The Knock Out Punch to Grease and Dirt | Smells Great

A great general purpose hand cleaner. Non-toxic gel base with citrus oil and organic compounds so it smells great.

This natural citrus hand cleaner can be used with our without water to liquefy, suspend and quickly remove even the heaviest soils. Its pH-balanced formula contains natural citrus solvents combined with volcanic pumice for effective cleaning action. Contains proven emollient ingredients to leave the skin soft and smooth. Use as often as needed to remove: dirt, grease, inks, carbon black, gasket cement, tar, etc.

Dispense from container using a hand pump or insert container into compatible wall-mount dispenser.

  1. Apply 5-10 cc of hand cleaner
  2. Work into hands, paying attention to fingernail and knuckle areas.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.