The Family That Screen Prints Together

Family Screen Printing Business

Screen printing is more fun when you do it with another. The family that prints together, stays together.


The Family That Screen Prints Together, Stays Together

Their Screen Print Process
Watch this husband and wife team up to screen print on the Lawson HD-Max manual t-shirt 6-color/6-station textile printing press. First, Brian loads the shirt onto the platen and prints the first stroke plastisol ink. In this case, he is using Multi-Tech's screen printing plastisol MCO-1560 white ink. Spinning the carousel of the Lawson HD-Max T-Shirt press, he advances to the next shirt to be flash dried by the Lawson Super Flash. Next, his wife, Kathy, then prints the second stroke of the MCO-1560 white plastisol ink. This one-color print/flash/print gives their finished shirt a bold, crisp screen print that looks fantastic on dark garments. Containing a 36 inch wide Arrow Belt with Bullseye Tracking SystemTM,on the Digi-Star Dryer, Kathy just tosses the shirt on the conveyor dryer and is able to go back to printing.

The Results of When a Family Comes Together to Screen Print
As a team, they can fly through their job at 180 shirts per hour. Not pictured are their two sons catching shirts and folding the shirts as they come off the dryer. This family shows how printing together can further business growth and is an activity that everyone can do. So if you are thinking about starting a business with a family member, know that it can be a great and successful experience.

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